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Our Impact

“With Dimension, we have a partner who does what they say they’re going to do in the timeframe they say they’re going to do it.”
Brian Lamont
SVP, STAG Industrial
"We’re helping low-income families in disadvantaged communities have access to solar programs and solar funding that they may not normally have had access to."
Melynda Metheney
Community Organizer, Central Valley, CA
"This industry is booming, and there is a lack of labor. It’s great that Dimension is sponsoring these types of opportunities. It opens up a whole new avenue of ways they can go in this industry."
Bert Vidaca
Director, Baker Construction
“The fact that you all were going to be here through the duration of the 25 years meant you were going to be standing behind your work throughout the whole period. That made a difference in what we were thinking as far as doing a solar project.”
Steve Wine
Landowner, Waynesboro, VA
"Working collaboratively with Dimension from start to finish helped us achieve our goal to enroll our customers in the [community solar] program."
Mina Jimenez
Proteus, Inc.
Our Approach
01 | Initiation
Responsible development starts on day one. From robust policy engagement, to establishing foundational partnerships with like-minded local organizations, to landowner outreach, community input is central to Dimension’s initiation stage.
02 | Implementation
Dimension’s solar projects fit seamlessly into their host communities. Our team gets on the ground with local officials and utilities, and extensive due diligence ensures strong financial performance and impactful savings for subscribers.
03 | Impact
Community engagement is at the core of our work at Dimension. Our partners help us maximize the value we deliver locally, including job training programs and hiring nearby talent, and ensuring savings for households most in need.
04 | Commitment
Dimension stays engaged with every stakeholder for the life of our projects to ensure optimal site performance and we fulfill all commitments. At the end of a project’s life, we take pride in restoring sites to the way we found them.

Our Values

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Mind the gaps

Silos are killers. If you see something, do something.

Stay on the bright side

We bring passion to our work. Fight with conviction and a smile.

Work together

Nobody knows everything, but together we can solve anything.

Ring the bell

Milestones matter. Celebrate the victories - each one is a stepping stone to something greater.

Make a difference doing work that matters

Dimension is always looking for driven and curious individuals who will roll-up their sleeves as hands-on, collaborative problem solvers. If you are tired of feeling held back by red-tape and bureaucracy and have what it takes, we should talk!

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“The people we hire into Dimension are already top caliber problem solvers. We put them in a position where they’re empowered to use that.”
Jordan Ruttenberg
Vice President of M&A
“In order to get things done, you need to be curious and passionate about what you do.”
David Granlund
Vice President of Operations
“Coming to Dimension was a breath of fresh air. It’s the most effective company I’ve ever been in.”
Kieran Siao
Senior Vice President of Development
“Everyone has a voice. If I need to I can have a direct line to my CEO. That’s not very common.”
Will Cheesman
Construction Manager
“The most rewarding part of working here is actually seeing our projects come to fruition."
Sonnet Edmonds
General Counsel
“We look for candidates who are driven, we’re a company that’s made up of self-starters and high performers.”
Joshua Nislick
Vice President of Business Development
“The way we approach this work is boots on the ground. Zoom is great, but there’s only so much you can do virtually. A big piece of our method is to be there.”
Charlotte Parker
Director of Community Engagement
“The 'Dimension Way' includes disciplined financial rigor and a commitment to responsible project development and ongoing asset management on behalf of our investors and the communities we serve.”
Ryan Liddell

Contact Us

Dimension is always looking for community and landowner partners to spread the benefits of community solar to those who need it most.

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