Dimension Renewable Energy Celebrates Graduates of the Newark Workforce Training Program

November 9, 2022

In partnership with Solar One, The Ironbound Community Corporation, and Pfister Energy, Dimension congratulates Newark students who have completed their solar workforce development training.

Newark, NJ – Dimension Renewable Energy (“Dimension”) joins its workforce development partners to congratulate the 18 Newark students who have completed a training program that will lead to internships and job opportunities in New Jersey’s growing solar energy economy. 

“On behalf of the people of Newark, I would like to congratulate the 18 students in the graduating class of Solar One’s Solar Workforce Development Training,” said Newark Mayor Ras J. Baraka. “The Community Solar projects are an ideal illustration of how we are moving Newark Forward: we enabled our residents to lead the growth of clean energy in our city and beyond, while simultaneously making it accessible and affordable. In doing so, we have lowered the energy burden of the community. I look forward to collaborating with Solar One and Community Solar partners on many more such investments in Newark’s future.”

As part of an award under New Jersey’s Community Solar Energy Pilot Program, Dimension created the training program with the clear purpose of working with local and community organizations to bring local jobs and workforce development benefits to compliment the clean, renewable solar power that will directly benefit the communities that they will serve across the state.   

Prior to the creation of New Jersey’s Community Solar Program, the numerous benefits of solar energy were only available to homeowners with adequate roof space, sufficient financial ability, and a clear line of sight to the sun. Now, any customer of New Jersey’s regulated utilities – even renters – can subscribe to the energy produced by a shared, offsite solar facility and reduce their electric bills.

“Not everyone owns their roof or can afford the upfront cost of a solar array, and this program makes it possible for thousands of New Jersey families to participate and save money on their electric bills,” said Bryan Bentrott, who leads Dimension's Community Engagement team.  “More than half the capacity of Dimension’s community solar projects are reserved for low- and moderate-income subscribers and the benefits to local communities don’t stop there.”

The solar industry and the wider green economy are poised for strong growth over the next decade, and Dimension and its partners are committed to communities that host our projects. The includes local workforce development programs that provide the opportunity for residents to learn the skills necessary to pursue an exciting career in solar energy.

Through its partnerships with New Jersey’s Community Colleges and organizations like Solar One, Dimension is working to bring the benefits of the fast-growing solar economy to New Jersey.

“The Dimension team is proud to support workforce development in New Jersey, and we are excited to see today’s certificate recipients take a big step into the solar economy that will secure our energy future,” said Sam Youneszadeh, Dimension’s Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer. “We believe in community solar. Our projects will result in the creation of hundreds of jobs and decades of sustainable energy savings to New Jersey families who need it most.”

About Solar One

Originally founded in 2004 to manage Stuyvesant Cove Park and a small environmental education center, Solar One quickly grew into an award-winning organization with a thriving array of programs promoting urban sustainability and education. Solar One’s programs reach across New York City and New Jersey. Working with over 600 public schools in NYC and New Jersey, the Green Design Lab program inspires the entire school community – students, teachers, custodians and administrators – to green their schools and innovate solutions to environmental challenges through emerging technologies.

About the Ironbound Community Corporation

Founded in 1969, Ironbound Community Corporation’s (ICC’s) mission is to engage and empower individuals, families, and groups in realizing their aspirations and, together, work to create a just, vibrant, and sustainable community.

We envision a safe, healthy, just, and nurturing Ironbound; a welcoming and fully inclusive community that supports equal and accessible opportunity and the quest for a better life. For us, revitalization means uplifting both people and place. Therefore, we aim to lead the transformation of Ironbound into a neighborhood where anyone might choose to live and current residents can remain in their homes, and their community, without fear of being displaced. 

About Pfister Energy

Pfister Energy is a leading turnkey commercial, industrial, and utility-scale solar energy company and EPC contractor offering in-house project development, construction, and O&M services. Pfister Energy brings nineteen years of clean energy experience to every project with the first commercial solar installation in 2003, making us one of the most experienced solar firms in the Northeast. Solar installations include rooftop, carports, and ground mount arrays, as well as energy storage. Pfister Energy has installed more than 600 MW of solar projects for schools, hospitals, corporations, governments, community solar farms, and electric utilities across the United States.  Pfister Energy was recently ranked the #1 commercial solar contractor in New Jersey by Solar Power World. For more information, please visit www.pfisterenergy.com

About Dimension Renewable Energy

Dimension is a leading developer and operator of community solar solutions. For the communities in which we invest, our fleet of solar projects delivers clean energy, local jobs, tax revenue, and savings, alongside other benefits including workforce development and educational opportunities. We are a turnkey provider of these solutions: from site acquisition and development to construction and operation, we are a steady and reliable presence in our communities.

Ground mount solar energy project.

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