Community solar gives everyone the opportunity to share the benefits of clean, renewable energy.

more than just a solar project

Dimension brings jobs, tax revenue, and energy savings to the communities we serve.  Our projects serve as catalysts for workforce development, education, and non-profit programs.

Why Community Solar?

Local solar projects mean local community benefits.

Residents, local businesses, and community organizations can subscribe to a local solar project and save money on their electricity bill every month.

Dimension develops solar projects that tap into existing infrastructure, generate power where it’s needed, and enhance local reliability.

Community Benefits

Investment in your local community

Energy savings for the community

Funding for local programs, organizations, and projects

Workforce development and educational programs

Local, high-paying jobs

How does Community Solar Work?

No Panels At Home

Residents simply subscribe to a solar farm and receive credits based on the power it generates.

Reduce Utility Costs

Households served by a community solar project typically save 10% to 15% on their electric bill. Qualifying customers in certain locations could save up to 30%.

Support Clean Energy

By joining a local community solar project, households are supporting and encouraging the growth of renewable energy.

Story: Community Solar across Virginia

Learn how Dimension Renewable Energy partnered with Community Housing Partners, a leading Virginia-based affordable housing provider, to deliver the benefits of shared solar directly to thousands of low- to moderate-income families in Virginia.

Community solar project in New York.

Contact the Dimension team

Dimension is always looking for community and landowner partners to spread the benefits of community solar to those who need it most.